Terms & Conditions

Our sales prices are valid from our warehouse in Klagenfurt-Wölfnitz. Price list no. 1/2011 currently applies
All previous price lists become invalid upon publication of a new price list.
Cancelling an order placed in due form may only be effected by management agreement.
We do not accept returns.

Catalogue details:
Information provided in catalogues is subject to change.

Placing an order:
By placing an order, the customer consents to the product and delivery prices.

Delivery times:
Delivery of ordered goods takes within 10 days after ordering.

Delivery costs:
Delivery abroad is effected according to our delivery cost list.

Withdrawal / cancellation right
The right of withdrawal / cancellation expires after shipping the goods.
Unfortunately we can not accept returns of naturopathy products after shipment.
Any return costs borne by the buyer.

Title retention:
As part of the acquisition process, the customer confirms that the goods shall remain our property until completion of payment. The purchaser must immediately notify the seller in writing of any possible damage that may arise from delivery.

Place of jurisdiction:
The court in Klagenfurt is the relevant place of jurisdiction for all disputes.

Account Information:
Sagrusan GmbH
Raiffeisenbezirksbank Klagenfurt
Account number: 49601
BLZ: 39358