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Not only can herbs have wonderful effects, they are above all "personalities" in their own right. It is incredibly important to us not to lose this knowledge of herbal arts, and to pass it on from generation to generation. If we think back to our grandparents and great-grandparents, we may recall many things about what was helpful "in those days".


Tinctures Used For Batch Amount  
  Valerian Nerves, stress 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Bitter gourd Pancreas 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Nettle Blood purification 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Curcuma Bowel 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Lady’s mantle Female disorders, menopause 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Lady’s mantle/Yarrow/Yam Menopausal complaints 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Spruce/Herb Syrup Bronchia 200ml » Go to Shop  
  Yellow gentian Stomach, loss of appetite 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Gingko Blood circulation 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Ginseng Defence system, immune system 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Elder Flu, fever 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Hoodia Inhibits hunger 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Hops Nerves, menopause 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Iceland moss Breathing organs, digestion 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Nasturtium Immune system, air passages 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Pumpkin Prostate, bladder, kidneys 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Milk thistle Liver 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Melissa (lemon balm) Soothing effect, anxiety 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Mistletoe Heart, blood pressure 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Neem Skin, bronchia, lungs 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Orthosiphon Kidneys, bladder 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Passion flower Nerves 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Purple coneflower (echinacea) Immune system, defence system 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Red vine leaf Veins, varicose veins 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Red clover Menopause 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Sage Bronchia, throat, sweaty feet 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Common yarrow Female complaints 100ml » Go to Shop  
  Black cumin Bronchia, lungs 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Ribwort Bronchia 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Star anise Bronchia 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Thyme Upper air passages, bronchia 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Frankincense Bowel, rheumatism 50ml » Go to Shop  
  Yam Menopausal complaints 50ml » Go to Shop  

Never forget:
Perhaps the most important element in our body is ENERGY, and thus the natural foundation of life. Many DISEASES are caused by a disruption to the subtle energetic field of the human body.
The body often tells us when something is not quite right; the problem is that we have largely lost the ability to listen. If we ignore these little "cries for help", in many cases it leads to a disruption (illness). A balanced and healthy diet and sufficient vitamins can often contribute to a better general state of wellbeing.