Welcome to Sagrusan!

SAGRUSAN is a family-run Austrian business based in Klagenfurt - Wölfnitz.
Over the last few years we have specialised in producing herbal supplements according to the principles outlined by Swiss physician, botanist and alchemist Paracelsus.
Only few companies can claim to do everything themselves, from preparing the herbs to filling and labelling the bottles. We can often be found on Austria’s mountains, personally collecting the best herbs just for you.

Georg Grubelnig


Let’s not forget that until the mid-20th century many prescribed medicines were purely plant-based. After the end of the Second World War, people began to disregard Nature and its gifts. Instead, they began to "tinker around" with it; changing and manipulating it. Here at Sagrusan we would like to lead the way back to wholly natural products.

In many cases, true health could be achieved by the simplest means: a balanced, wholesome and natural diet, a good supply of vitamins and minerals and regular exercise..

Sooner or later Nature will show us the way

We cannot overlook and ignore the first signs any longer. Let’s stop and think for a moment to answer this question: Why is it so easy for us to buy cigarettes and alcohol in many countries around the world, but have almost no access to plant products that produce excellent results without any side effects?


All raw materials used for our tinctures are either gathered by ourselves or reliable suppliers and do not come into contact with harmful substances. Our products are:
  • Free of colourings
  • GM-free
  • Free of synthetic additives
  • Free of environmental pollutants
  • Not tested on animals

Safety testing:

All SAGRUSAN products are examined by university professor Dr. Werner Pfannhauser and have received the marketability credentials as per Article § 73 of the Austrian Food Safety and Consumer Protection Law (LMSVG ). Our products comply with all valid foodstuff regulations.

Legal notice:

Please note that our products are not medicines and should not replace treatment for illness(es). Due to existing pharmaceutical legislation in the EU, no statements of healing as regards dietary supplements may be made. It goes without saying that we abide by these laws.