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Spruce-Herb Syrup 200ml

The spruce/herb syrup is made from spruce tip syrup (prepared with brown sugar), thyme/sage/coltsfoot and ribwort tincture. The essential oils in the sage have a beneficial effect on the air passages.
Thyme is known for its expectorant properties, while ribwort is among the few plants to stimulate the production of interferon in humans. This raises our immune defences against viruses in the air passages.

Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles (Paracelsus).
 Spruce-Herb Syrup
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Recommended dosage:
Children: One teaspoon twice a day.
Adults: One teaspoon three times a day.

Brown sugar, spruce tips, thyme, sage, ribwort. 37.5g spruce tips, 5g sage leaves, 2.5g ribwort and 5g thyme are used to make 200ml.

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