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Orthosiphon Tincture 50ml

The orthosiphon plant is native to Asia, Africa and Australia. In Thai and Ayurvedic herbalism, this plant has been used for urinary tract problems for thousands of years.
Orthosiphon leaves have a diuretic effect, and are used as a flushing therapy for bladder inflammation and to strengthen the bladder and kidneys.
For the best results, it is advisable to take this herbal tincture for at least 2-3 months.
One bottle is enough for 4 weeks.

Manufactured according to traditional alchemic principles (Paracelsus).
 Orthosiphon Tincture
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Recommended dosage:
30 drops (diluted with water) twice a day after food

Alcohol, water, orthosiphon plant. 12.5 g orthosiphon plant is used to make a 50ml extract.

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